As some of you know we've been sold out of RAWr! Superfoods and building up backorders since 2/25/20. May 1st is the expected arrival of more RAWr! Superfoods, although that can be sooner.

If you subscribed to RAWr! Superfoods before 2/25/20 your orders will still be shipped as usual up until our reserved inventory for subscribers is expected to be gone (around 5/1/20).

We now know in the state of California everything we're connected to is considered an essential business, which means our supply will continue to operate through the lockdown. This is likely to be true with all other states as well, and we will continue to operate as long as our supply chain is operating.

There's a likelihood when our May 1st shipment comes in, it will sell out again quickly due to the number of backorders continuing to grow.

If you've been thinking about getting RAWr! Superfoods it's better to get in the backorder line than wait until the shipment comes in.

All of our other products are in-stock and shipping as usual.

RAWr! Algae Oil is currently buy one get one 40% off, the discount will auto-apply and fully calculate your total at checkout (*not in your cart* - this applies to RAWr! ALGAE OIL only) no code needed ends 3/31/20 11:59 pm MST.

If your order includes other products with your RAWr! Superfoods, everything that is in-stock will ship asap. The RAWr! Superfoods portion of your order will be fulfilled with all other backorders as soon as we're back in stock.

There will only be 1-2 people max packing orders, this will help limit any possible spread of the virus. All inventory on hand has been protected sitting in boxes before any major spread of the virus. In the past six months, there have only been as many as 8 different people to go through our shipping area, all of which have shown no symptoms of any sickness. We will keep taking extra sanitary precautions while we continue to serve you.

More importantly, don't get stagnant while being cooped up through all of this. Keep a positive outlook, don't let your mindset slip. Keep taking care of your health. Keep moving, do some jumping jacks!

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We appreciate your patience, support, and understanding through all of this.

Stay well and stay awesome,
– RAWr! Life.