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•Energy •Immunity •Focus •Digestion

Here to Simplify Your Start to a More Nutritious Life

Starting to eat healthier is hard, we’ve been there.

RAWr! Superfoods is here to help through quality nutrients in a quick and effective way!

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed to know where to start.
  • No more complexity convincing you to put off starting another day.
  • Noticeable benefits will keep you going, wanting to improve the rest of your diet.


Pioneers in an alfalfa-free blend since 2012

"Ease-of-use and noticeable benefits kept us going, ultimately forming a routine to build upon. These superfoods weren't our cure-all, but who knows how stuck in the past we'd be if we didn’t start using them when we did."

– Pro Skateboarder John Motta & Pro BMXer/Rare Fruit Grower Joey Motta, Creators & Operators of RAWr! Life.

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Life Changing.

"...Not only has the superfoods given me new energy, vitality and over all good feelings, it has given me a clear path to a healthier lifestyle that has been adopted by my whole family now. We are more fit, more healthy and I feel better than I have felt in 10 years..."

Jason Cook on 10/10/18 - RAWr! Superfoods Customer since June 2018

This Stuff is Great!

"I saw this product on Thrasher’s King of the Road. I felt like this product would be a great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and I was right. I love this stuff."

Jon M. on 7/2/19 - RAWr! Superfoods Customer since May 2019

Not Enough in the World.

"...Once I started using RAWr! daily, I realized some other stuff in my daily routine no longer made sense... so I quit smoking and have changed my diet dramatically. Having something so amazing to put in my body has inspired me to honor my body fully."

Izzy on 10/24/17 - RAWr! Superfoods Customer since April 2016



Simply shake (or stir) a scoop into no less than 4 ounces of water (or your favorite juice) and drink.


It takes less than a minute of your day. Hassel-free mixing and easy clean up. Noticeable benefits will keep you on track to your new routine.


Once the habit is going the benefits will make you want more. Start using it in smoothies in the morning. Build upon your new routine!

Join thousands of happy customers using RAWr! SUPERFOODS

  • Dozens of your favorite pro skateboarders and BMXers use it to improve their lifestyle.
  • Thousands already started on their health own journeys come back regularly for the wide-ranging benefits and the premium product it is.
  • In those thousands there's hundreds of customers that have used it as a starting point to build a healthier routine from.
  • 5-star reviewed, touching on benefits like energy, focus, wellbeing, gut health improvements, and immunity.