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It might sound selfish but we create our products for ourselves. We don’t cut corners on quality, we won’t do that to ourselves. The result is that you’re also able to get your hands on the same high-quality products we believe in and use as well.

That’s how RAWr! Life was created and how it will remain…We are Professional Skateboarder John Motta and Professional BMXer Joey Motta.

In 2012 we adopted our flagship superfoods product from our mom - a health and fitness professional for more than 30 years.

We soon launched our own product - RAWr! Life Superfoods - created with USDA Certified Organic ingredients. We use only the highest standards in ingredient sourcing, testing, and packaging through our GMP, Kosher, and QAI certified lab. 

We made adjustments to our mom’s blend to better support the extreme athlete community. With help from our friends in both sports- BMXers and Skateboarders, we’ve grown by word of mouth and social media.

Even though we have extremely active lifestyles our products are for everyone and anyone. We’ve gained the trust of many happy customers from athletes to parents, professionals in both blue and white-collar industries, the retired community, and many people with varying health issues. All have been grateful for what we’ve made available.

We continue to grow and make products of the highest quality while keeping health and the planet in mind.


john motta kickflip into fullpipe photo by matt price

John Motta. Kickflip into tunnel, Phoenix, AZ. Photo by: Matt Price.


Why would two kids in their early twenties decide to take one product and launch a national brand with multiple products?

In December 2009 John struggled with a physical health issue that also affected him mentally. He was medicated with a strong cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs. He knew these medications weren’t going to help him in the long run so with the help of his doctor and many tests he was able to weaned off the medications while adopting a healthier diet, lifestyle, and adding appropriate supplements – superfoods. These superfoods, from their ease-of-use, were the foundation that kept him on track and was able to build upon.

By summer 2010 he was medication free which he remains to this day. Using these superfoods as a habit to  also constantly remind himself daily to stay on track with a com[;ete healthier lifestyle.

While he was healing he began researching products and specific superfoods to include in RAWr! Life Superfoods as well as stay clear of typical ingredients found in other blends that may not be healthy to most individuals. He now knew first hand most people would also benefit from a high-quality superior product. Rawr! Superfoods was born.


joey motta backyard goldfinger banana harvest phoenix arizona

Joey Motta, Backyard Goldfinger Banana Harvest, Phoenix, AZ.


During John’s journey Joey was on his own path. Starting more than two years prior Joey was gardening and farming  and it became a big part of his life, which naturally meant a healthier diet including superfoods.  

Joey is an established expert in the organic / biodynamic gardening community of Phoenix, Arizona.

Through his work and volunteering in dozens of established farms all around Arizona his main passion for fruit trees grew and he became the youngest member of the Arizona Rare Fruit Growers Association and has grown over one hundred of his own fruit bearing trees.

Trees need bees. Joey has embraced many organic beekeepers on his journey. As a result of this natural friendship we’ve created our second product (Organic Raw Honey).

Joey’s influence in our products runs deep – he’s the reason we sourced USDA Organic ingredients. Also he didn't like the fact that most superfood blends contain alfalfa as a main ingredient. Even though it may offer health benefits many of us have autoimmune issues in which can cause problems. He wouldn’t settle for anything less, and this holds true for future product development.

RAWr! Life. -  owned and operated by John and Joey - we will always use the highest quality ingredients in both our current line and as we develop and source new healthy offerings in the future.