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What does our poo have to do with our health?

Our stool and bowel movements provide a big indicator of our health. The color, size, smell, and frequency all give us signs. These signs can be from simple dietary changes to more serious conditions and even cancer. The average man produces about one pound of poo per day that ends up in the large intestine. After our food is broken down in the stomach from acidic juices, it passes to the small intestine for nutrient absorption. The pancreas releases enzymes to break down important protein into small molecules of amino acids, and also helps to break down carbohydrates and fats. Total digestion can take 8 hours and transit time through the large intestine may take up to a full day. After nutrients are absorbed, the remaining food material is made into the stool, with the help of bile from the liver and gallbladder making poo its healthy brown color.


Can our poo tell us anything about health?

Yes. For example, if our poo comes out like small pebbles it is a sign of dehydration and lack of fiber.  Drinking plenty of fluids may help with this. Fiber helps keep our digestion clean. Too much fiber and nutrients may not absorb. Fiber though helps poo move through our digestive. If the colon holds the remainder of broken down material for too long, this can create intestinal issues and even future health concerns or disease. Our poo usually smells like what we have eaten. A diet high in fat and protein will have a stronger smell than a diet with plenty of plant matter. Also, poo smell can indicate disease or caused from certain medications. Sticky poo usually indicates a digestive disorder or a temporary diet high in fat. Poop that floats is usually caused by foods that create a lot of gas, like fiber, or high in fat, and infection such as e-coli. Healthy poo should sink and not leave marks in the toilet. The intestines also do shed their lining about every three days, so even if we are eating very little, we will still have a bowel movement of some sort. Our body is designed to stay healthy and disease free.

Treating our digestion with proper foods makes a huge difference in our health, especially our immune system. Our gut is also deemed our second brain considering that neurotransmitters for mental health are produced in the gut and signaled to our brain.

Many people have irregular bowels and possible nutrient absorption concern. By including probiotics and even digestive enzyme supplementation may also assist in gut health. The more we add in vegetables and fruits into our diet we can assure better overall health.


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– RAWr! Life.