A Triggered Healthy Mindset

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Why is it so hard to stay “Healthy?”

We all know the feeling, the failure, and the trial and error of trying to get healthy, or even stick to healthier choices. What does that even mean? Does it mean looking a certain way? Does it mean getting rid of a vice, such as smoking or drinking? Does it mean eating salads all day every day and meal prepping? Does it mean sticking to a rigid exercise program, or even any sort of exercise program?  We’ve all been there and we’re all guilty of thinking about this very thing like ten times a day, right?  We’ve been conditioned to feel that it’s all or nothing. As soon as we set up a healthy plan and then fail, it seems to take us backwards until next time. Next time may be a long time away. So how do we end up really getting to that healthier place for good?

How come it seems there are some people that have this licked?

The more we are around those so called people the more we realize they do have it licked, but not like we might think. Go talk with a few people that seem to have this figured out and see what they have to say. How did they get rid of the vice or finely get healthy?  Certain vices do though require a 100% good bye, because they are not only detrimental to our physical health, but our mental health as well. Many people that have figured out how to overcome this battle realized that acceptance and understanding of this mindset was the key to moving through it into a healthier place. Each time they failed they actually accepted it as part of the process and realized too that taking away too much all at once was a recipe for derailing their ultimate goal. Adding healthy changes little by little was the secret. Slowly you crowd out the bad with the good and things begin to change and ultimately for good.

Many of our RAWr! Life. customers have expressed that by having had simply included our healthy superfoods into their daily regime has encouraged a positive mindset and also helped toward better health.


Stay awesome,

– RAWr! Life.