"Lightworks" Full Video! By Bobby Kanode & Mediocre at Best BMX


"I've graduated college.. I've been in love and I've been through heartbreak.. I've travelled the world.. and I've accomplished a lot in life.... But this video right here was more difficult, frustrating, impossibly challenging, and more rewarding than any other thing I've ever been through. I'm proud to have it on the internet through RIDE bmx magazine. In the spirit of thanksgiving, a BIG OL THANK YOU to the boys for putting up with my ups and downs, my annoying shit talk behind the scenes, and thank you for believing in the project when it seemed like it would never happen. The years from 2014- 2018 will always be here in this video for me to hardly remember.  <3 s/o to you guys Hayden Shimmell, Troy Blair, Jeff Wescott, Travis Cordova, Eric Bahlman, Anthony Lopez, Cody Clark, Dawson Clark, Robbie Owen, Clay Johnson, Josh Bigar, Brian Grant, Drew Hosselton, Nick Bonnell, Joey Motta . (ideally you'll be a little high or drunk and watch this with the lights off and the sound up loud. thank you for your support)" - Bobby Kanode

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