Preserving Nutrients in Superfoods

rawr life preserving nutrients in superfoods

Do powder and liquid superfoods retain their nutrients?

Powder and liquid superfoods have to be processed and stored in such a way to preserve their nutrients. Typically, organic superfood manufacturers use a means of processing to retain nutrients.

What destroys nutrients in supplemental superfoods?

Light and heat can be a nutrient destroyer for powdered and liquid superfoods. Certain superfoods require different processing techniques. Herbs are typically air dried while most other foods vacuum / freeze dried.  Once packaged, and after purchase, most all superfood products should be kept refrigerated. Supplements and superfoods should be stored in packaging that light cannot destroy their nutrients. See through packaging should be avoided for both liquid and powdered foods and supplements.

How do we know what superfood products use care in their processing to preserve nutrients?

When it is stated to refrigerate, then usually these products take care in preserving nutrients from start to finish. Proper freeze drying and vacuum drying are costly. Although the cost of a product isn’t always an indication of its quality, these procedures can elevate overall costs.


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