Ryan Paul's - World Record Jump - Snowboard Video

Ryan reached out to us around this time last year with an idea for a video part, a fun one. He sent us this PDF "deck" thing that was all professional looking n stuff, asking if we'd like to support the part. Being a fan of him, seeing a PDF outlining a video part, and his prior support of our product, it was really hard to say no. Like, there was no way we were going say no, actually, we made it work.

Anyways, this is the first time we've sponsored any sort of web content before. We couldn't be more happy with how it turned out, it's a really fun watch. So go hit that play button below and ENJOY!

Great job, Ryan, and everyone else involved XOXO. 



If you want to get to know Ryan a little more and his story, there's a great podcast episode below from Jesse Pauls podcast "Board Bag Studio" episode #8



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