Stop Ripping Yourself Off and Give Your Body What it Needs

rawr life stop ripping yourself off and give your body what it needs

Why are we eating so unhealthy?

There are many reasons we reach for “junk” food. We’re all guilty of this. It seems that we get busy and grab easy pre-packaged foods, or we drive through a fast food restaurant. That’s not to say that there are not healthy packaged foods, or aren’t healthy choices from a fast food shop. But why do we reach for the unhealthy foods that we know are bad for us? Most of it is due to stress and emotion. Certain processed food ingredients also create addiction. Eating this way every once in a while will probably not affect us much, but too often and we’ll suffer. Some of these processed foods are designed to provide a quick comfort from stress and a serotonin boost. In the long run though these foods ruin our gut microbiome and provide little nutrition. Our gut is considered our second brain and neurotransmitters made in the gut are relayed to the brain.  So, natural sourced nutrient dense real food keeps us much healthier and stronger for all the physical and mental activities we need. Many processed “junk” foods do not provide this.

Why are we just sitting there?

Sedentary life has become a way of life these days. Many of us also feel that leading a simpler life can allow more time to care for our health and incorporate daily exercise. The psychology of exercise has shown that typically the more we simplify our lives the less active we become. There’s that old saying, “if you want to get something done ask a busy person.” People that seem to manage many tasks also seem to be very busy. They have been forced to master time management. The trick though is to make exercise part of that. But just because someone has great time management does not mean they have included the value of staying active and healthy. Staying active is extremely important in keeping our immune system strong, our weight under control, our minds healthier, moods happier, and even curbs over eating.

Why does food make or break our energy?

Food contains nutrients that spark energy in our body. At a cellular level our mitochondria stores and uses energy called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) that has been harnessed from the food we eat and oxygen we breathe. When we eat foods that are low in nutrition, then we are also limiting our energy stores as well as hindering an efficient metabolism. When we fail to stay active we limit cellular health as well.  Many health enthusiasts and athletes rely on nutrient dense superfoods in addition to their meals. This helps add extra insurance of optimal nutrition for sustained health.


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