If you ever wanted to subscribe now is the time! Costs on our ingredients as well as postage went up, we’re going to be increasing our prices to match starting next month.

As we start shipping our new RAWr! Superfoods pouches we want to give you a chance to get locked into our current prices! By subscribing from now until 11/30/21 you’ll be locked into our current prices moving forward.

All active RAWr! Superfoods subscribers (bundle subscriptions included) on 12/1/21 will automatically be entered in both giveaways.

Giveaway 1 (subscribers only): A NutriBullet Combo Blender along with a RAWr! Complete Bundle (pictured).

Giveaway 2 (regular orders-you’ll be entered just by placing an order from now until 11/30/21 and subscribers): A RAWr! Complete Bundle.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced by email in the days after 12/1/21.