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1.) Generate your own custom affiliate tracking URL by signing up through the link above. If someone clicks through your link and places an order you will get 15% of that order total attributed to you.

  • Example: A $100 order total through your link you receive $15.

Tracking on affiliate links lasts 90 days. This means if someone clicks through your link today but doesn’t purchase today, they can still purchase anytime 90 days from today (regardless if they click through your link or go straight to the site) and you will still be credited with the attribution for the sale and receive your 15%.

This link is more subtle for your audience if you don’t feel comfortable blasting out a discount code of your name.


2.) When we post clips of you the bio link of the post will be a google campaign link specific to you (that we create), but the tracking on it is only tracked day of clicking through the link it does not last 90 days. This allows you to make 15% of the sale as well for the clips.


3.) Helpful! Write us your story or outlook…

  • On how you got started eating better.
  • Any tips on how you got started or tips to simplify getting started.
  • What it took to finally get you to start taking care of yourself.
  • any events that forced you.
  • Why it's important for you to keep up with it now.

 We use this write up from everyone for their captions when we post clips of them now, so we can get back to posting again. Nothing too crazy long, under 1500 characters.


4.) You can also (or only) use the discount code we gave you of your name. This will allow us to search your code during a specific period of time and see what sales were attributed to your code, and pay you out that way.

Code can be told to someone in person or message without having to use a tracking link and you’ll still get attributed if they use the code when they order.


5.) Consider it like this…

Verbal conversation: Use your discount code.

Swipe-up link, link in profile, blog post, Youtube caption, etc. : Use your affiliate tracking link.

DM’s or messaging conversations: Both can be used together, the code gives a 15% off incentive to buy.


You can read further into our outlook on this topic here: